Détourne vos pâtes en Nouilles asiatiques!

Je m’excuse pour la flemme de traduire ! An overwhelming desire for noodles but spaghetti is the closest thing you have in the pantry ? No worries… You can RAMENIZE your pasta. Ramen purists, cover your ears, this is a desperate time/desperate measure trick ! By adding salt and baking soda to the pasta cooking water your pasta turns into a pretty acceptable version of « noodles », they even smell like noodles whilst bubbling away. I added about 4 rounded teaspoons of baking soda and a large pinch of salt for 2L of water. Don’t miss the « al dente » stage then rinse well with cold water ! For a quick storecupboard Yakisoba Sauce: 3 Tablespoons Worsteshire sauce - 4 teaspoons oyster sauce - 4 teaspoons ketchup - 2 teaspoons soya sauce - 1 teaspoon sugar. Get your wok or sauté pan out and stir-fry your noodles with whatever you have, we did: mushrooms, sugar snap peas, jarred roasted peppers, spring onions, egg, parsley though coriander was missed. Sauce goes in last… EVIDEMENT Pas Sylvain mais Leanne xx

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Bravo Leanne ! Tu peux ajouter aussi la jolie photo que tu as mise sur FB ??
Pour faire ça, tu cliques sur l’icône petite flèche et hop ! Merci merci Xx